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Fast Repair is always adapting to improve our customer experience.

Here you will find our premier partners who we have teamed up with to provide our customers A to Z solutions for all their cellular, consulting and business needs.

AJN Solutions is a Verizon Authorized Retailer providing Business and Consumer Verizon service, direct from Verizon to your doorstep with complete setup and support. Don’t just do wireless, do it better with internet pricing and concierge service. No stores, no lines, no bs.

At Warranty Life, we’re just like you. We’ve purchased products with warranties but wound up not being able to track down the necessary information when it came time to use the warranty. We take the filing, searching, and frustration out of keeping track of warranties. We know the frustration of losing the full value of what we paid because we can’t find the receipts or purchase details. And we’ve missed out on opportunities to get a product repaired or replaced at little or no cost. All because we can’t track down those little pieces of paper!

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The Fast Repair Partner Referral program is where like minded businesses can collaborate and work together to increase leads, customers and reviews for your business. Whether you are a small business or tech giant! Our referral partner program offers a wide variety of discounts, advantages and more! Use the form submission below to inquiry about becoming an Authorized Partner today!

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