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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you fix other types of phones?

Yes definitely! If we can find the necessary parts to repair it properly, odds are we can fix it!

Do you offer warranty on your repairs?

Yes of course! Fast Repair offers a 90 day parts and labor warranty on most repairs. If you have any issues with your repair contact us as soon as possible so we can correct the situation. There are some repairs that we do not offer warranty on, for example, water damage repair does not come with any warranty. This is because water damaged devices are very unpredictable and can power off at any moment due to other damage or have other damage that is not present and will only show up after the device has been used for some time. We do advise customers to bring back the device as soon as something happens so we can try to correct the problem at a discounted rate, but we cannot offer any repair for at zero cost.

How does the water damage phone repair work?

Water damage phone repair is a very delicate procedure. We cannot guarantee that we will be 100% successful in every repair, however we like to give customers of a 50/50 expectation. This is due to the many variables involved in repairing a water damaged device. The minerals and other contaminants in the water affects every phone differently and damages are random depending where the water infiltrates. To ensure the best results, it is best to power off the device immedietly and bring it in for a free diagnostic which usually takes between 24-72 hours at most. If we are not able to repair the device we do not charge!

Is there any way to expedite this?

Yes, most definitely. We have a wide variety of express services available to customers. The water damage diagnostic is free, but takes time due to other repairs and diagnostics in cue. Our water damage express diagnostic brings you to the top of the cue and we assign a tech solely to your device to maximize the chances of your device being repairable. This express fee is added on top of your invoice at checkout and does not apply towards the phone repair cost. If you ever have any questions about this, do not hesitate to ask!

How does Data Recovery work?

Data Recovery can be approached many different ways and many methods can be used to extract data. At Fast Repair we offer data recovery on computers, cellphones and external hard drives. Depending on your scenario, most physical data drives run through a series of tests first to evaluate what the current status of your device is. We then choose the appropriate route for the recovery. Most data recovery repairs don’t require us to open the drive and only need to run our recovery software which allows us to transfer off the data. If the device needs to be opened and there is something physicaly damaged then we refer our customers to our trusted partner Drive Savers.

How is my data protected?

Data security is no joke for us as Fast Repair and we take pride in keeping our customers data safe. All of our Data Recovery Specialists and Technicians are HIPAA certified as well as other industry leading certifications including A+ and CCNA. Being in business for over 10 years we have worked with many prestigious companies including NASA, Facebook, Top Tier Law Offices, Local police departments and even Google!

Are your Apple parts original?

Apple Inc. is solely a design and engineering company. The parts Apple uses in the iPhone are bought from Chinese companies and assembled in China. Many of the parts we use come from the similar vendors in China. So though we cannot claim that our parts are “from Apple” they are manufactured to the same strict OEM specifications and customers and us are often unable to tell the difference. Most of our repairs are also backed by a similar 90 day parts and labor warranty that apple provides.

Additionally, Apple Inc. does not offer iPad repair services and only offers replacements for a substantial price compared to repair. This gives our customers peace of mind that they will be able to retain all of their data and continue using their device where they left off.

How can I protect my investment?

Fast Repair offers a wide variety of select premier accessories for all your modern devices. We highly suggest to purchase a quality case and screen protector for your device to give you extra assurance that your device will not break again. Although, it is not a guarantee the combo offers much better protection compared to a device without any sort of protection.

Do I need an appointment?

We happily accept walk in customers 6 days a week! If you do not wish to book an appointment. However, We do require appointments for one on one sessions, GroupOn, on-site repairs and consultation appointments

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